Clary Fairchild

Clary Fairchild

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Biographical information

  • Clary Fray
  • Clarissa Adele Fray
  • Clarissa Morgenstern
  • Clary Morgenstern
  • Clarissa Fairchild
  • Young girl (previously by Jace, Malachi and Catarina)
  • Biscuit (by Magnus Bane)


  • Institute in Manhattan, Nyc
  • Apartment in Park Slope, Brooklyn, Nyc (previous)
  • East Village, Manhattan, New York (previous)

Understood relatives

  • Valentine Morgenstern †
  • Luke Garroway (stepfather)


  • Oskar Morgenstern † (paternal grandfather)
  • Seraphina Morgenstern † (paternal grandmother)
  • Granville Fairchild II † (maternal grandfather)
  • Adele Fairchild † (maternal grandmother)


  • Jace Herondale (fiance)
  • Simon Lewis (ex-boyfriend)

Real description

Clarissa “Clary” Adele Fairchild, also referred to as Clary Fray, could be the Shadowhunter child of Jocelyn Fray therefore the notorious Valentine Morgenstern. For decades, Clary lived a life that is mundane Jocelyn, before the return of her daddy and her sibling, Jonathan, revealed her to a different globe, tossing their everyday lives away from stability as Clary discovered herself for a journey together with her fellow Shadowhunters to quit them. Continue reading “Clary Fairchild”

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